Sunday, July 13, 2014

ARRL IARU World championship

The conditions were "interesting",  plenty of signals, but not very strong (in noisy Sydney).  My score is about half running and half S&P.  In this test I found S&P was about as fast as running...

          Band    QSOs      Pts    Cty     HQ
               7          74     324   21     12
             14        221    1009   25   22
             21         91     413     14     8
             28        36     160      7      2
         Total     422    1906     67     44

            Score : 211,566

By the end I've worked quite a few of the boys/girls from WRTC. (have to count them yet). They all called while I was running in the last six hours I was on and their signals were no better than S5 on the average.  Several asked me to QSY to 80 and 40 m for QSO/Multiplier.  I was only too happy to do so.

The winner's score is 7,218,288 (as you all no doubt checked) and mine is "just a drop in the ocean"... the guys/girls are amazing.

It was nice to observe,  that the CW was most preferred mode.

Hope all had fun

Patrick VK2PN

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Manly Warringah Radio Society had AGM.

Last night (9/7/14) our radio club had its Annual General Meeting.  It is good that the club is thriving and very much alive.  Above all the number of young members is high.

The "good looking lot" is posing for a groupie.

Look us up on:'ve posted more photos on yahoo groups.


Sunday, June 22, 2014

The All Asia CW contest.

Yesterday (Saturday) I was doing my little chores and the radio was running in the background.  Nothing there since early morning, but suddenly I looked up and the panadaptor screen was full of signals..  Hey there must be a contest on.

Quick look at: DL2NBY Contest calendar I have learned that the annual CW All Asia contest is on.  Not having plans to do contesting and lots of chores to do, all I've done was to set up the N1MM and assumed I may give a few numbers to the "boys".

The weekend list of chores was long.  I had to wash and vacuum the car, tidy my home, go for Thai dinner with Heidi (by the way ... that was one of the best Thai meals we had in living memory).  Next day I had to pack my suitcase and go for a pick-nick ... ie very busy two days...

Last year I was in the AA contest and from memory I did "kinda" OK.  This year I could do only few hours.  Still it was a good fun and the "boys" got some numbers and I got some training.

As you all know the contest exchange is 599 + age.  When I emailed the log (only 153 contacts) I thought ... the exchange may tell us the average age of the participants...  Imported the log into a spreadsheet and calculated that the average age of the contesters was/is 55 years.  Gosh... that is scary state of affairs.  Considering that most QSOs were with JA stations and three contesters gave me 00 (for lady operator) it is sorry state of the amateur radio community.  We are all getting very old.

cheers es 73
My exchange is BTW 599 69

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Operating portable while caravaning.

We just returned back home from about 10 days trip in our little caravan.  I was using my KX3 with the KXPA100 amplifier and was having fun.

I was using my G5RV antenna between two trees and was surprised about the fact that I could work most stations I called.  It was nice to play radio while out of Sydney.


Monday, May 26, 2014

CQ WPX CW contest experience.

Back in Sydney from a visit to Steve VK3TDX.  We had serious fun.


This photo was taken by Heidi about an hour before the end of the contest... Gosh the boys are still smiling... (amount of sleep for me was: one hour the first night and three hours the second).  Heidi and I had to leave mid morning on Monday to get to Sydney for Heidi's appointment on Tuesday morning.
48 hrs contest + 12 hrs driving = hard work

Steve sent me the results by email this morning:

CQWW WPX Contest, CW

Call: VK3TDX
Operator(s): VK3TDX VK2PN
Station: VK3TDX

Class: M/2 HP
QTH: Rural Melbourne
Operating Time (hrs): 46

Band QSOs
160: 0
 80:  8
 40: 169
 20: 1033
 15: 694
 10: 361
Total: 2265 Prefixes = 888 Total Score = 6,344,760

Club: VK Contest Club


Patrick VK2PN and myself operated 46 hrs multi-2. Propagation was up and down
but did provide enough openings for some fun and we were able to improve from
our score last year.

Ten meters was less than we had hoped for but 15 and 20 were superb with some satisfying runs.

Thank you to all who worked us. We hope everyone enjoyed this fine event.

See you next year.
Steve VK3TDX
Patrick VK2PN

I would like to second Steve statement... Thank you all...

Steve put the results through software to see the trend:

The above chart may tell us quite few facts:
  • The band conditions
  • The operator numbers and keenness (world wide)
  • Steve's and mine tiredness
  • The amount of lids around

This is a good indicator of the bands:

WPX  CW - 2014-05-24 0000Z to 2014-05-26 0000Z - 2296 QSOs
VK3TDX Runs >10 QSOs:

2014-05-24 0016 - 0023Z,   21005 kHz, 16 Qs, 136.5/hr VK3TDX
2014-05-24 0104 - 0117Z,   21003 kHz, 14 Qs, 66.9/hr VK3TDX
2014-05-24 0200 - 0214Z,   21003 kHz, 24 Qs, 105.0/hr VK3TDX
2014-05-24 0450 - 0456Z,   21038 kHz, 11 Qs, 112.2/hr VK3TDX
2014-05-24 0601 - 0609Z,   21038 kHz, 11 Qs, 86.8/hr VK3TDX
2014-05-24 0705 - 0717Z,   28010 kHz, 18 Qs, 91.3/hr VK3TDX
2014-05-24 1007 - 1025Z,   14009 kHz, 24 Qs, 76.3/hr VK3TDX
2014-05-24 1112 - 1154Z,   14009 kHz, 46 Qs, 66.2/hr VK2PN
2014-05-24 1233 - 1258Z,   21015 kHz, 14 Qs, 34.5/hr VK2PN
2014-05-24 1434 - 1631Z,   14014 kHz, 134 Qs, 68.6/hr VK3TDX
2014-05-24 1645 - 1719Z,   14046 kHz, 53 Qs, 95.1/hr VK3TDX
2014-05-24 1804 - 1827Z,   14013 kHz, 17 Qs, 45.4/hr VK2PN
2014-05-24 1834 - 1855Z,   14011 kHz, 24 Qs, 69.8/hr VK2PN
2014-05-24 1904 - 1947Z,   14024 kHz, 40 Qs, 56.3/hr VK3TDX
2014-05-24 2224 - 2237Z,   14004 kHz, 11 Qs, 50.3/hr VK2PN
2014-05-25 0038 - 0124Z,   28021 kHz, 55 Qs, 71.8/hr VK3TDX
2014-05-25 0213 - 0351Z,   21029 kHz, 111 Qs, 68.2/hr VK3TDX
2014-05-25 0653 - 0739Z,   28028 kHz, 46 Qs, 59.7/hr VK3TDX
2014-05-25 0847 - 0901Z,   21025 kHz, 14 Qs, 61.9/hr VK2PN
2014-05-25 1009 - 1033Z,    7024 kHz, 23 Qs, 57.3/hr VK2PN
2014-05-25 1226 - 1250Z,   14019 kHz, 24 Qs, 60.8/hr VK2PN
2014-05-25 1357 - 1755Z,   14028 kHz, 281 Qs, 70.9/hr VK3TDX
2014-05-25 1817 - 1904Z,   14022 kHz, 37 Qs, 47.4/hr VK2PN
2014-05-25 1908 - 2018Z,   14024 kHz, 57 Qs, 48.5/hr VK2PN

Please take note of the line highlighted in red:  That was Steve's "dream run".  That put us ahead the last year's figures.  Lines below that  are me "just mopping the band" collecting multipliers in the S&P mode.

I thought that Steve did most of the work, however the stats tell me that I've earned my red wine too:

But Steve made great coffee while I was hammering the keys.

As time allows I'll include some more "thoughts and observations" to this blog and/or make an other blog.

I must make special blog about Steve's antenna farm... lotsa beauties there.
The most noted is the rhombic, but that is worth an article of its own... BTW... go to Steve's to check it out.

73 for now


It is Wednesday morning (a day later after I've published this blog) and Steve sent me email which I'd like (with his permission) to quote here:


Info from San Diego below, my old DX and contest club. This team of TEN ops set an all-time W6 record of 9.6 million pts. Us TWO ops with 6 million down here at the end of the earth is mighty satisfactory I'd say! Imagine if we had ten ops and had a QTH with all the US stations "local" and EU and JA pointing on us all weekend? Note that the existing record for W6 was 6+million points which was achieved at a "super station" W6YI! That's what we did!!!!

I think we did very well. I'll check but we may have an all-time VK record for Multi-2??

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Getting ready for the CQWPX CW contest coming this weekend.

Arrived yesterday for the contest

Ehm... what do you want me to do with this lot??

That is my radio station... that is what I take when I'm in the doghouse by the "powers".

 Last night at dinner we started with some training already.

Good luck all and see you in the contest.

Patrick and Steve.

Meeting Clarrie Steffen

Yesterday I've arrived to Colac to Steve's VK3TDX  home for the WPX contest.  Steve had taken me to meet Colac resident Clarrie Steffen one of the original PMG morse operators now retired and very sprightly in his nineties.

Clarrie was noted in the local paper as: Colac veteran reflects on Morse code duties.

Nice man and he never contemplated to get amateur radio license... However he may be tempted now....??