Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Armistice event activation

The activation started well, however I've worked mainly JA station and smattering of US and other DX.  Sunday was a bit messy since there were Ukrainian, US Sweepstakes and High speed CW test at the same time.   However I've managed to have a good run for a time.

The the storm intervened that made the bands bare on Monday.   Tuesday was just that little slow time as well.

The A of 35 slowed things down.  On Tuesday we were hit by stormy WX and I had to unplug everything for most of the day.

Wednesday morning made up for two days of frustrations.  Had a very good run to EU o 40 m.  The band opened for over an hour and kept me busy.  Nice.

 Above is RBN chart of activity for my activation

  I'm sure we highlighted for the world the VK Armistice action.

Patrick VK2PN

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