Thursday, December 5, 2013

House sitting near Taree

Again the time of the year when the owners of the beautiful piece of paradise are going on a holiday and needed  somebody to "cut the grass".

Had to bring - of course - the radio and antennas and work some DX...

Apart of the OCF dipole for the morning nets I had put up the folding hex antenna.  I'm very impressed by its performance.  OK, I admit "issuing" a few expletives when erecting and collapsing the kit...  but when it's up... it works great.

When I put it up (please note: one person's job) I was able to work LP US N5ZB in Louisiana for 559.  Today I got on a third call T32RC.  Easy.. too easy..

The radio is IC-7000 100 W.  I'm pretty happy old fellow.

Being QRV while camping/house sitting is fun.


CQ WPX CW 2018

As expected the condx were not as good as one can hope for.  After all we are just about to hit the solar minimum. Band QSOs 160: 0 80:...