Monday, September 17, 2012

Melbourne "certainly" did not disappoint

Well it is true... The weather was absolutely "Melbournian".  Or it must be my bad luck... Anytime we go to Melbourne the weather is not great.  I'm sure the locals stage it for our benefit to stop us invading in huge numbers and often.

However the family visit was great.  Heidi is having a great time with the granddaughter and I can visit my friends.

I had contacted Steve VK3TDX and he had some commitments at Amateur Radio Victoria office so we agreed to meet there.  Ernie VK3FM was coming as well and it was a pleasure to meet a DXer of his caliber.  Most QST readers appreciated Ernie's article published about a month ago.

Carl in the background was on duty that day.

With a great pleasure I've presented Steve with the VK9PN expedition card.

This is the system the VK3 bureau using to sort the cards.  Neat.

Steve had come to the office to do some work, but all we did was talk and talk... (better fun than work).

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