Thursday, January 17, 2013

The nanoKeyer

Just before Christmas I've ordered the nanoKeyer kit from Oscar DJ0MY.  It was in the letterbox when we returned from camping in mid January.

The firmware is written by K3NG .  The firmware has all the features of Winkeyer by K1EL and some more.  Can be used with most contest loggers.

Oscar does not supply the Arduino, I had to buy an Arduino Uno on eBay.  The arduino is the "engine" of the project.  The assembly time was hardly two hours an a little bit. It took a whole day to source the enclosure and drill all the holes.

Finished kit to be put into it's enclosure

View from the top with the memory buttons

Arduino Uno ... the engine

Ready to go


  1. What enclosure did you use for this? Thanks

  2. It was available in local electronic supplier. Don't remember the model number any more. What I've done was: Just compared the board with the size of the box and used it.



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