Thursday, October 17, 2013

Oceania CW 2013 contest.

I guess I should "report" on the last weekend contest.  The bands were kind and the 10 m was nice surprise being open for many hours.

Annoying part was the number of stations calling me spot on frequency and my old ears not being able to resolve the calls.  Please chaps .... next time use the XIT button/knob and call a few Hz of my frequency... OK?... Thanks.

The above complaint was expressed by quite few contesters...

Let me first congratulate to all with the high scores...  Well done.

My results:

 Band    QSOs    Pts  Pfx
         3.5       9      90    8
           7     117     585   93
          14     168     168  120
          21     143     286  119
          28     154     462   86
       Total     591    1591  426

            Score : 677,766

About quarter to two on Sunday afternoon  the strong wind broke my SpiderBeam antenna and shortened the pole for G5RV.  Well that was it... Until then I thought I was doing mildly OK...
 Still ... it was fun...

Cheers es 73 to all.

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