Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter long weekend 2014

This year and also quite few years previously we went camping to Murrumbidgee river. 
Absolutely gorgeous place and if you combine it with few friends, good food, campfire and few glasses of red wine - absolute bliss.

I had my KX3 with it's amplifier with me and has some fun operating.

For antennas I had G5RV up in the trees and my folding hex in front of the camper for the higher bands.

Despite the fact that we were in deep valley and the beam was aiming into a mountain in most directions I was able to work some DX.  I worked few US stations and then EU via short and long path.  On the higher bands the beam was always better than the wire by about a 1 S point and less noisy.
All good fun except the cold mornings.... Grrrr....

And the flies.

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