Sunday, July 13, 2014

ARRL IARU World championship

The conditions were "interesting",  plenty of signals, but not very strong (in noisy Sydney).  My score is about half running and half S&P.  In this test I found S&P was about as fast as running...

          Band    QSOs      Pts    Cty     HQ
               7          74     324   21     12
             14        221    1009   25   22
             21         91     413     14     8
             28        36     160      7      2
         Total     422    1906     67     44

            Score : 211,566

By the end I've worked quite a few of the boys/girls from WRTC. (have to count them yet). They all called while I was running in the last six hours I was on and their signals were no better than S5 on the average.  Several asked me to QSY to 80 and 40 m for QSO/Multiplier.  I was only too happy to do so.

The winner's score is 7,218,288 (as you all no doubt checked) and mine is "just a drop in the ocean"... the guys/girls are amazing.

It was nice to observe,  that the CW was most preferred mode.

Hope all had fun

Patrick VK2PN

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