Sunday, December 11, 2016

ARRL 10 m CW contest 2016

Well it was little bit letdown.  It is hard to get used to declining DX conditions. I definitely did not do as well as I hoped, or as I could.  Bother.

 ARRL Section : DX
        Club/Team : VK Contest Club
         Software : N1MM Logger+ 1.0.5995.0

        Band     QSOs     Pts  S-P  Cty  Pt/Q
          28         131       524    7   10   4.0
       Total        131       524    7   10   4.0

            Score : 8,908

Yesterday - that is on Sunday the band closed incredibly fast.  I remember the sunspot minimums where band opens and closes quite fast.  However it took about three minutes from "plenty" of signals to nothing.  Weird thing to get used to from now on.

I think it is time to concentrate on developing/building 160 m, 80 m and 40 m antennas.

73 and thanks all for your calls and QSOs.


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