Sunday, July 15, 2012

IARU CW contest on the weekend

This weekend I had the chance to "steal" few hours to run this very interesting contest.

The second full weekend of July, beginning 1200 UTC Saturday and ending 1200 UTC Sunday (July 14-15, 2012). Both Single and Multi operator stations may operate the entire 24-hour period. 

Heidi is leaving overseas on Tuesday and I wanted to be a "good boy" and spent as much time with her as possible.  However I snatched few hours of operating and it was fun.  I had very good "run" on 20 m:

IARU - 2012-07-14 1200Z to 2012-07-15 1200Z - 205 QSOs
VK2PN Runs >10 QSOs:

2012-07-15 0343 - 0551Z,   14021 kHz, 178 Qs, 84.0/hr VK2PN

The conditions were pretty good despite the predicted flare hitting the earth during the contest period.  There were reports that some parts of the globe were marginal.
Here I'm quoting Steve VK3TDX: "the flare really slammed the hammer on propagation with K indexes as high as 8 in some locations"

My statistics:
Band     QSOs     Pts   ITU   HQ
     7        6           14      2      4
    14      198      904     15    19
 Total     204      918    17     23
Score: 36,720

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