Sunday, July 8, 2012

KX3 Arrived

After long wait (since Christmas 2011) the kit arrived on Tuesday 3rd of July 2012.  The postie dropped the box at about 1 o'clock.

I've started the assembly pretty quick after unpacking and finished at four o'clock.  Interrupted for about half hour by kitchen duties. There were not any issues with missing components (BTW Elecraft included an envelope with spare screws and washers - very good idea - thanks Elecraft).  The manual is well written and easy to follow (the same experience when I was assembling the K3)

Radio worked on a first try.  Later I had to do some calibrations.  The tricky bit was the I/Q "nulling the opposite sideband signal".  I had about three goes before I got the required result.

The first CW QSO was with KH2L from Guam and I got 579 from 10 W using HexBeam.

On saturday I had SSB QSO with Peter VK2TPM and we videoed the contact and Peter edited it and put it on his blog

I'm quite excited about the radio performance.  It is definitely quieter then my K3, hears as well, the variable roofing filter works well.  It will be great portable radio.  All I need suitable amplifier to bring the power little "up".

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  1. Thanks for the QSL card by post, it arrived today.



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