Wednesday, August 22, 2012

John Blackman in Sydney

Garold VK2AGS is in Manly Waters hospital recuperating from a nasty accident in which he gashed his right leg.

John VK2KJB and Kevin VK2BKG arrived in Manly to pay Gerry a visit.  The good news is that Gerry is getting better and even this morning when I visited him was considering the date when he will be allowed to go home.  So things are looking up.

I had taken John to the club (Manly Warringah Radio Society) for a social chat.  John is a past member and a president of the above-mentioned establishment.  It was a very happy reunion.  As much we all keep in touch via radio the eye to eye QSO is priceless.

We had several nice glasses of red after return.  All good fun.

John was able to run the net from Sydney location

Thanks for the visit.

1 comment:

  1. Patrick, it was so good to see you all and catch up with old friends face to face. Great that Gerald VK2AGS is on the mend.
    We have to all getogether more often!!!!
    Thanks for you GREAT hospitality!!!!
    73s John VK2KJB


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