Thursday, August 23, 2012

Pactor 4 - SCS DR-7800 Dragon

I visited Horst VK2HL to have a look at the Pactor modem which he had on loan from James VK2JN.  I was very impressed be the performance of the machine.  It is very very good.

I'm very tempted to go and buy one... But the big question is: Do I really need the modem.  I use Pactor 3 a lot while we are caravaning in the Outback, but the existing modem is doing sterling job for the last  twelve plus years...
Not sure if I need one, but it is tempting.

While there we played with the KX3 and I could say that Horst was also very impressed by the little radio..

The latest rumor is that Horst VK2HL is getting one too...

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