Sunday, May 26, 2013

The CQ WPX CW is over.

As I'm trying to write this... I'm struggling... The CQ WPX CW just finished and Steve VK3TDX and I VK2PN are very tired but delighted.

         Band    QSOs    Pts      WPX
         3.5      13           70      2
           7       237        1387   41
          14     930        2754   398
          21     674       1952    274
          28     356       1036    115
       Total    2210    7199     830

            Score : 5,975,170

Steve's "magic bullet" the rhombic....  Worked pretty well

The "boys" hard at work
48 hours in the chair with very little rest/sleep.

Coffee is coming
Unfortunately we had Murphy to visit us... My K3 packed in after about 20 hours of operating.  It may have inhaled an unhealthy dose of RF into the front end...  Luckily I had the Little K3 with me and I jerry rigged the station to be able to do the job.

I'd like to thank the Manly Warringah Radio Society (my radio club) for a loan of the traps.  Without those we would not be able to transmit at the same time.

Also thanks Trent VK4TS for the tip of using the sugar free Red Bull drink... Yes it works.
Using the KX3 as a main rig... not bad.

Here is the happy team - operators and support after the contest.

Glass of bubbly to all.

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