Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The K3 is repaired

Only yesterday I've unpacked the radio(s) from their traveling cases and put them on the bench.
The poor K3 is deaf... I can hear (or see on the P3) the signal but it is way down.  So I've pulled out all the manuals and started reading.  The fault must have been most likely in several PIN diodes switching/routing the signal.  The first diode (D25) took quite while to find but ... hey it was damaged:

 The little bulge on the middle is the spot which left the smoke out.

I was lucky to have another two in stock from previous "accident".  I'm not telling how it happened... it was me being silly and careless.

 Here is the new diode in place... I'm not that proud about the soldering... but it works..

There you see "the happy family" again... The smile on my face is pretty happy too.  It feels good to fix something so important as radio... eh?

Just worked II1TLC Luc 599 both way via  LP.  Life is good again..

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