Sunday, September 8, 2013

Russian RTTY Contest on the weekend

On Saturday afternoon I had a few hours without "supervision" and could play radios for a while.  Checking around the bands, I've discovered the Russian RTTY contest in full swing and pointed my fldigi at it and discovered that Steve VK3TDX was having a good time running.  I've started the N1MM, set is for RTTY (my first) and discovered that it was not very difficult (gosh it is a good program).  Had some more play with selection of the TTY modem... N1MM can use the MTTY, MMVARI and fldigi as the soundcard modem.  I've played with all three and found that the fldigi is the easiest to use with N1MM (for me).

I was quite surprised how easy it is to setup and operate.  I started cautiously with S&P and then after gaining more confidence started running...  Pleasant surprise.. it went like a rocket..

Hmmm ... I think I can get used to it... Not as high buzz as CW contesting, but good fun.  With CW one has to be concentrating 100% all the time.

    RUSDXRTTY Summary Sheet

       Start Date : 2013-09-07

    CallSign Used : VK2PN
      Operator(s) : VK2PN

Operator Category : SINGLE-OP
             Band : ALL
            Power : HIGH
             Mode : RTTY
       Default Exchange : 30
      ARRL Section : DX
        Club/Team : VK Contest Club
         Software : N1MM Logger V13.7.3

        Band    QSOs    Pts   DXC   OBL
          14       80      800    25    14
          21       23      220     5      2
       Total     103    1020   30   16
       Score : 46,920


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