Monday, September 2, 2013

The new HexBeam is up and working

In the last few months the old Traffie Hex was getting sick.  The corrosion of the wires made it unreliable.  When I've removed it from the mast some of the wire elements broke to pieces.  However the rods and the rest of the hardware is still in a good condition.  Will find a way how to replace the wires and will keep the hex as a spare.

A new K4KIO hex was waiting for me when we got back from the Outback trip. During the last week I started the work and today I've completed the swap.

Had to straighten the mast and clean the trust bearings.  Today I've assembled the new hex and mounted in on.

Here the rods are attached to the base plate and the shape is formed

The band wires are in place.

This was the hardest part of the job.  Attaching to the mast.

It is now upright and ready for work.  Quick trip down to the shack to check if it hears and transmits.

Beautiful sight... isn't it?

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