Tuesday, January 28, 2014

DX expedition FT5ZM Amsterdam Island.

As we were away from Sydney when the guys started to operate I was just "little" worried about working them.  http://amsterdamdx.org/

I've tried on Tuesday evening when we got back and the  pile-ups were "legendary".  Buckley's that day.  Next morning on 40 and 30 m... the same.

This afternoon (Wednesday) I was able to work them with ease.  I think that the worst effort was fourth call or so.  Except the previous day on 40 and 30 when I called and called with no success.

The relative short time I've spent on the chase I've witnessed absolutely terrible operating practices.  Ouch...  Steve VK3TDX alerted me to the comments that other operators "uttered" on the DX summit.
I'd say there should be separate exam and license for DX operators... eh?  OK we all make mistakes, but some people have extra talent.

Now I'm sitting on the balcony waiting for the 20 m band to open in the direction of the island.  There are spots for the 14.023 frequency, but at the moment (mid afternoon) there are no signals.  The VOAprop says that the band should be working... hmmmm..??

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