Thursday, January 30, 2014

FT5ZM again

This morning I was able to work them on 30 m.  Again quite easy and satisfying.

So including this:
So I feel happy.

Then I thought of checking 40 and try to work them.  The signals in my QTH were great, at least S 6 to 7 in my QTH, but the pileup was of epic proportions:

The CW operator was very good and was picking stations at great rate.  As good as one can be.  The team on the island is top notch.

Can't understand some amateurs complaining about the "poor operators on the island".  Gosh... if you complaining about the operators then guys read this:  GET A LIFE..!!

The number of low skilled ops calling the island is high.

I of course had no chance in that pileup .... called only about three times ... I'm pretty sure that I was able to put my sigs close or into his passband at that moment, but so were many others and as we all know... the strongest signal wins... ;-)

Will for sure try again in the next few remaining days.

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