Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Commonwealth contest

Here is my modest effort:

Band         QSOs    Pts       Cty   Sec
         3.5       4      100         4      0
           7      30      670        24    2
          14     231    2295     54    3
          21     130    1640     47    3
          28      54     945       34    0
       Total     449    5650  163    8

            Score : 5,650

I happen to listen on some of the other competitors frequencies to learn more about their operating techniques.  I was quite amazed that operators in rural areas could hear much better than I could here in the "big smoke".

From the previous post I was hoping to give the 40 m ground plane antenna a good workout, however the action was elsewhere.

Interesting rules:

(b) The “latitude factor” will be re-calculated each year based on published scores: for each hemisphere, the highest-scoring team total for each of the last three years will be used to give an overall total and the factor will be calculated as the ratio of the northern to the southern grand totals rounded down to the nearest two decimal places. 

It was a good fun and thanks to all who called.


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