Sunday, April 26, 2015

Hex is back and working.

Yes.... it was hard work to fix it but it all went without any problems and surprises.

First I had to repair the three broken rods by ramming 19 mm stainless tube in:

Aluminium parts are repainted:

During the rainy weekend I've manufactured the new set of wires. Long slow process and almost 60 m of wire.

Early this morning (nice and sunny and only light breeze) I've carried all the gear to the roof and started the assembly:

Had to use PVC tube for the P-clamp insulator, because the original rubber perished:

The Hex is taking shape:

Here it is:

Most amazing was that all bands have low SWR and I did not have any problems during the process.


1 comment:

  1. Beautiful day for it. Sounds like a little maintenance was due.


The CQ WW CW contest 24th to 26th November.

I got an invitation from Steve VK3JA to do the contest from his QTH.  Impossible to refuse.  Steve has one of the best antenna farms I know....