Sunday, May 3, 2015

A.R.I. Italian DX contest.

This weekend was A.R.I. Italian DX contest.  I had few hours to play with... so I played..  I've spent at the radio exactly two hours and 57 minutes.


             Band     QSOs     Pts    DXC   Pro
               14         121     601       26      29
               21            7        19        5        0
              Total     128     620       31      29

            Score : 37,200

The condx were OK, but there was nothing  on 10 m and very little on 40 (during the times I was on).
Surprising the high number of US stations participating.

It was time well spent and a good practice.

I should mention I've installed the new KSYN3A Synthesizer Upgrade Kit for K3, KRX3 and was very pleasantly surprised with the improvement of my Elecraft K3 radio.  It was expensive, but the radio subjectively on receive is significantly improved.  The audio has less hash/noise and the tone of CW feels cleaner and easier to listen to.   I had no means to check the improvement on transmit.

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