Friday, November 2, 2012

Elecraft KX3 on Lady Musgrave island

We had just returned from our annual trip from Lady Musgrave island.  Where is that (I'm sure you are asking)?

The island is about 35 nm east of Gladstone and is serviced by tourist boat called Spirit of 1770 from  Town of 1770.

I had my normal portable station and I may talk about it in future blogs.  But to make is really special I added my KX3 and worked a few contacts.

This video was taken only minute or two after I had CW QSO with Dom FK8CE 559/579... Thanks Dom and believe me that I was little surprised when you returned my call...  I think I had a little over 5 watts into about 20 m wire 1.5 m above the sand with the same length counterpoise on the sand...  MAGIC.

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