Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Visit to VK2WPJ

Peter VK2WPJ had relocated from Berowra to North Coast relatively recently and I had the pleasure to visit him.  Huge and beautiful house and no antennas.  Lovely setting and no doubt Kim's dream.  Peter had built a enormous "shed" to house his toys.  Never seen so many model airplanes in one place.

Peter and Kim both looked very happy being there.

We all had lots to talk and reminiscent about... Mainly Peter and I  ....   all about the good old times... ah... how good it used to be being much younger.

Still life is good even now... I'm sure that Peter will put up some antennas and will restart in the real hobby... Amateur radio.  After all he has plenty of space to string dipoles... verticals with "lotsa" radials and more.

It was delightful visit


  1. We miss you on 80m in the mornings.

    1. Will be back in about a week... bit hard while traveling...


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