Thursday, November 8, 2012

What antenna was I using on the island?

I was asked about the antennas I was using on the island.  Well I had actually four antennas, but used only three.
  1. 20 m wire antenna with about the same length of counterpoise for the KX3.
    I used it only couple of times "to prove a point".
  2. Off centre fed dipole cut for 80 m and which worked very well on all bands (including 30 m).
    The wire was about 40  m from the beach parallel with it.  The centre about 6 or 7 meters above the ground.
  3. Vertical cut for 40 and 30 m with coils for the other bands.  The counterpoise was five 20 m long wires.  Antenna was positioned less than 30 m from the water and  two wires of the counterpoise were in the "brine" at high tide.
The best performer was the dipole.  I thought that the vertical will be great for DX.  However the dipole outperformed the vertical always.

Here I'm using the KX3 with the vertical.

Detail of the feed point and ground wires.

The wire is very hard to see, but you may get the idea.

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