Sunday, November 24, 2013

The 2013 CQWWCW contest

Hi all...
Well that's it.

  Band       QSOs    Pts      ZN    Cty
           7      102     287      21   30
          14     678    1997     32   77
          21     253     738      26   44
          28     268     789      16   17
       Total    1301    3811   95  168

            Score : 1,002,293

Gear is K3 + SPE 1k, antennas Hex and OCF dipole on 40 m.

I was using N1MM for logging.  The program had matured in the last number of years.  It works very well.
All the gear associated with the station performed flawlessly. No issues what so ever.

I did not go as well as last year.. (last year: 1593 QSOs and 1,290,266 points).

The conditions were very good..  My feeling that 10 m was not as good as last year, but there was plenty of action. 

I did find the 40 m signals little down, but the 15 m and 20m was great.

That brings me to a nostalgic thought... next year we may/should have "the pleasure" to have lesser condx.  Who knows.  Now the thought in my mind is, that in 11 years I will not have the mental and physical capacity to do it again... So that's it... (depressing eh?).

I may conclude with the usual grumpy remark:
The EU ZOO was "right on mark" (God it is hard to work them). The last couple of hours of the contest on 15m  (where the condx were superb) the US cousins gave me hard time trying to match the EU cousins.. (shame on you cousins). There is a rule: Listen first and then press the F4 key.

The JA as always were gentlemen.

If I had stepped on anybody toes... please forgive the old bloke... it was not intentional.

Forgive the old grumpy man. At my age I have the right to be grumpy. 

Thanks to all who called me... it was fun despite that my blood boiled few times.  You all had GREAT signals.

Patrick VK2PN

This is me... after the contest.  Sad, but glad.  Cheers to all participants and thank you.

The results of the Commonwealth contest were published.

  As I member of the team Australia 2, I was quite pleased with the result.