Thursday, May 21, 2015

Ouch... I'm severely embarassed.

Look what postie brought in today:

Yes... despite of the poor quality photo it says: First Place CW section etc etc.

Yes... you can read it correctly "2 contacts"... pitiful performance.   ... accidental hero??

You must have read the sorry story in my previous blog.

Well there is only one conclusion I can make "ladies and gentlemen"...

The power of CW is awesome.


Saturday, May 16, 2015

So... how did we go as VI2ANZAC?

All logs are in and were uploaded to the WIA.

The final scores/statistics are:

       Band   Mode  QSOs    
         1.8  CW         1    
         3.5  CW       21     
         3.5  LSB        5      
           7  CW      255    
           7  LSB       34      
           7  RTTY      7      
          10  CW     418    
          10  PSK6      6      
          10  USB        1      
          14  CW    1063   
          14  PSK3    30      
          14  RTTY     4      
          14  USB       6      
          18  CW     586    
          21  CW     391    
          21  USB     80      
          24  CW     165    
          28  CW     200    
       Total  All   3273   

This gives the "king" position to Allan VK2GR with 1,367 QSOs
I'm in second place with 1,173 QSOs
Tommy scored 653 QSO's
Dave VK2AWD is contributing 80 QSO's

At the Lookups were (as per today): 8287
That tells us that at least 8000 amateurs had read the story of ANZAC.  That is good because all the contacts were DX.  That spreads the message well beyond our borders.

Thank you everybody for the calls.  Thanks operators for the hard work.  We all had fun and above all it was good training for the next "big one".


Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Commonwealth contest results 2015 are out.

As I thought.... the Canadians GOT IT... Good luck chaps... Well done.

We got the third place.  Good result Kevin...

My result:


Sunday, May 10, 2015

Things are moving along.

Today shortly after noon, I've clocked 500 QSOs.

And this was the "lucky" recipient:

Good fun... the condx are very good: SF:160 A:11 K:4


It's 15:30 local time... the count is 601 QSOs.. time for a glass of red and some rest.
Thanks all... it's been fun.

Working the VI2ANZAC call sign.

Having lots of fun doing the VI2ANZAC. It feels good to be on the end of a pileup.  Started about midday on Saturday.  Today is Monday am and the log shows over 400 QSO's.  Considering that Allan VK2GR may be doing similar numbers, we are going OK.  Haven't heard from the other partners: Nick VK2DX and Matt VK2RQ. 

Had to use split only few times... mostly the callers are well behaved.  So chaps if you read this:  Thank you, we are all having fun.

It is all CW and some times the rates were close to 100/min. 

Please keep calling VI2ANZAC.


Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Steve VK3JA (ex VK3TDX) birthday.

My friend Steve VK3JA (ex VK3TDX) is having birthday on Thursday 7th May.


Sunday, May 3, 2015

CQ WW DX CW 2014 results were out last week.

I was very pleased to see this:

A.R.I. Italian DX contest.

This weekend was A.R.I. Italian DX contest.  I had few hours to play with... so I played..  I've spent at the radio exactly two hours and 57 minutes.


             Band     QSOs     Pts    DXC   Pro
               14         121     601       26      29
               21            7        19        5        0
              Total     128     620       31      29

            Score : 37,200

The condx were OK, but there was nothing  on 10 m and very little on 40 (during the times I was on).
Surprising the high number of US stations participating.

It was time well spent and a good practice.

I should mention I've installed the new KSYN3A Synthesizer Upgrade Kit for K3, KRX3 and was very pleasantly surprised with the improvement of my Elecraft K3 radio.  It was expensive, but the radio subjectively on receive is significantly improved.  The audio has less hash/noise and the tone of CW feels cleaner and easier to listen to.   I had no means to check the improvement on transmit.

The results of the Commonwealth contest were published.

  As I member of the team Australia 2, I was quite pleased with the result.