Sunday, October 30, 2016

CQ WW SSB 2016

I'm not a great fan of SSB.  However I try to participate if nothing else to give out some numbers to the keen competitors.  This most famous contest weekend I had only few hours available between social engagements I could not miss.  Saturday we had to go to a party for colleagues I used to work for 28 years (you don't miss opportunity like that) and Sunday my goddaughter had her birthday (and you can't miss opportunity like that).

So I had circa four hours at the radio.

        Band     QSOs     Pts  ZN   Cty  Pt/Q
           7         1             3    1        1   3.0
          14      10           19    8        8   1.9
          21     141        389   13      12   2.8
       Total     152       411   22      21   2.7

            Score : 17,673

The conditions were less than optimal, after all we are on declining curve of the sunspot cycle.  Some stations were very strong at times in my QTH.  But most were S3 to S7. Good enough for communication.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Oceania CW contest 2016

First thank you all for giving me a call.  I enjoyed every each of them.

Yes it was fun and yes the Murphy interfered.  Woke up on Saturday morning with feeling that I've got a cold coming.  Later in the afternoon it was in full swing.

Imagine to operate CW contest and keep sneezing.  One might sneeze and the headphones left my head and finished in the corner of the shack.  Typing the call sign into the logger and needed to interrupt it to stop your nose running.  I wondered what was the other station thinking?

The conditions were pretty pleasant surprise. Not too bad.  Even 10 meters opened at my QTH for a short while.  Most of the time I was running and say every two hours I've checked the band with S&P. My usual complain was working the EU ZOO and my usual appreciation was working the US and JA stations.  Thank you gentlemen and ladies.

This year I did not match the score of last year.
QSO number: 533 and score: 613,816

Oceania CW 2016:

        Band     QSOs     Pts  Pfx  Pt/Q
         3.5      17         170   13   10.0
           7     100         500   72    5.0
          14     173        173  139   1.0
          21     118        236   85    2.0
          28       8         24      8     3.0
       Total     416     1103  317    2.7

            Score : 349,651

Not enough multipliers and not as many stations active.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Oceania SSB DX contest 2016

2016 Oceania DX Contest, SSB

             Callsign: VK2PN
    Category-Operator: SINGLE-OP
 Category-Transmitter: ONE
        Category-Band: 40M
       Category-Power: HIGH
                 Name: Patrick
       Postal Address: Novak
                       11/39-41 Addison Road
                       Manly, NSW 2095
        Reported QSOs: 105
       Confirmation #: 1626252.oceania-dx-ssb

Thank you for entering the contest and submitting your log in Cabrillo
format.  Please review the information listed above and, if necessary,
resubmit the log to make any corrections.


 The  first hour on 40 m, I've worked 90 QSOs.... WOOOHOOO said I.  Love this
 contesting stuff, bring it on, having a great time, can get used to this,etc. 
 Then the rest 20 hours I worked only little over 20 QSOs.

The results of the Commonwealth contest were published.

  As I member of the team Australia 2, I was quite pleased with the result.