Monday, September 24, 2012

The power of QRP

On the way from Melbourne Heidi and I overnighted on our favourite spot: Marumbidgee river near Bookham.  Great camping area.

I was for the first time in 10 days be able to participate in the morning nets.  After the 0800 net the boys QSYed to 7045 to hear me better (thanks guys) and at the end I was able to hear a station calling me. It was Owen VK2OL who is currently in the central Australia with Tim VK2BT.

Horst and I were asked to go to 20 m (14130) and the contact was very solid.  We had a good time talking bout our prospective holidays. 

I was running 100 W (IC 7000) into Terlin Outbacker.

Heidi and I had to pack the camper so I've fired the FT-817 in the car just to listen them talking.  What was my surprise that when Owen asked me a question and I called... he could copy me rather well with my 5 watts and Outbacker antenna.  Later we could hear each other on 17 m (18130) while I was already driving.

Amazing stuff... don't you think??

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Visit to Steve's VK3TDX QTH

Yesterday I've visited Steves's VK3TDX home near Colac.  Only 400 km return trip from Croydon where we are with Heidi son and daughter in law.   BUT what a treat.  Steve is not only one of the top contesters in VK land but a gentleman too.

We had a ball.

The "team" having a coffee in Hawthorn

Steve at his "kingdom"

The 40 m vertical with radials

2 el yagi pointing to US

Every contester needs this

With a position like this... big signal is guaranteed.

What a view.

The "toy" collection.

Great shack... don't you think?

Steve and me in front the vertical.

Steve had taken me to visit Graham VK3NRZ.  Behind Graham and Steve is 40 m vertical which works the world with 100 W

Great view

It is all in the verticals you know....

Graham's shack

Graham's mobile shack.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Melbourne "certainly" did not disappoint

Well it is true... The weather was absolutely "Melbournian".  Or it must be my bad luck... Anytime we go to Melbourne the weather is not great.  I'm sure the locals stage it for our benefit to stop us invading in huge numbers and often.

However the family visit was great.  Heidi is having a great time with the granddaughter and I can visit my friends.

I had contacted Steve VK3TDX and he had some commitments at Amateur Radio Victoria office so we agreed to meet there.  Ernie VK3FM was coming as well and it was a pleasure to meet a DXer of his caliber.  Most QST readers appreciated Ernie's article published about a month ago.

Carl in the background was on duty that day.

With a great pleasure I've presented Steve with the VK9PN expedition card.

This is the system the VK3 bureau using to sort the cards.  Neat.

Steve had come to the office to do some work, but all we did was talk and talk... (better fun than work).

Thursday, September 13, 2012

New paddle for the collection

While away George VK2DLF emailed me that the paddle I've ordered "long time ago" is ready.  Today I've driven to the "other side of the town" to collect it.... NICE

When I got home... I've bee-lined straight to the shack to make a cable and plugged it into the radio.  Yes, I'm happy... It looks good, it works very well... nice positive feel and I can get very respectable speed without errors.

I'm sure it will be one of the most favourable paddles.  Thanks George.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Camping with radios

While Heidi is at "old girls" reunion, I've hooked up the camper and visited my friends on Oxley island.  David let's me camp at the Manning river's edge and play radios.

Lovely morning... the sun is rising

My radio setup in the camper

This is my normal "portable setup" with Pactor.

The WX had been very good so far.....  Like early summer.  I'm wearing mostly shorts and T-shirt. 

To keep fit I was helping with some farm work and gardening...  All good fun.

The results of the Commonwealth contest were published.

  As I member of the team Australia 2, I was quite pleased with the result.