Friday, November 17, 2017

The Northern Corridor Radio Group VK6ANC

As a part of our big trip around Australia in four and a half months in a little caravan I have taken the opportunity to visit one of the best radio clubs in the VK land.

Very impressive range of antennas.

I've been told that some antennas were damaged in the recent storm.

I was late for the start of the lectures.  Not being familiar with Perth I got lost several times despite the fact I had GPS.
 Walked in the middle of a lecture by Steve Ireland VK6VZ about SDR radios.

 I've sat down in one free seat and guess what.  The bloke next to me pokes me with his elbow saying "G'day mate".  Trent VK4TS all the way from Queensland to give a lecture.

I admire Trent greatly for his dedication to Amateur Radio, to contesting and the way his column in AR magazine is constructed.

Steve VK6SJ is the president of the club.  Steve did have lecture in our Manly Warringah Radio Society (club) about the Flex SDR radios some time ago.  Steve and his company has the agency for Australia.

Trent VK4TS being introduced before his lecture.  The lecture was "of course" about contesting.

Gorgeous things collection which "used to" glow in the dark.

What to do or what not to do during a contest.

Two of contesting workplaces for contesting.

Boys are having a friendly chatter after the lectures.

Thank you Steve and all at the VK6ANC for a friendly welcome.  Yes you guys have a gem of radio club.


The results of the Commonwealth contest were published.

  As I member of the team Australia 2, I was quite pleased with the result.