Friday, September 19, 2014

Behaving on the air - Reflections of and old man.

Yet again I've blown my stack and went QRT on LP EU CW.  The stations calling were just as normal - misbehaving.
I know that my ears are not as good as they used to be and above all my patience is even worse. (after all I'm close to 70 years and therefore cranky old man).


  1. When you calling, you don't need to repeat my callsign three times... I know it already. Since I've called CQ I do assume that if you just use your own call you are trying to make a contact.
  2. If the CONDX are good (and they were excellent today) I can pick you callsign on a first go.
  3. The problem is when several stations call at once in the middle of my passband... I have great difficulties to figure out who is calling.
  4. In that situation I typically can copy part of your call... so I send it and hope that the station with the letters I was able to copy will come back and OTHERS WILL WAIT..
  5. There is no point to send your calls all at once... I can't copy them.
  6. Good idea is to use your XIT button and try to call a little (100 to 200 Hz) above or below my frequency.  That way I will be able to pick you from the pile.  Three stations calling constantly on one frequency (the same tone) - my ears can't cope with that.
  7. Well then I get angry and frustrated and go QRT.
  8. Your fun and my fun is over..

Now... blame me if you want... but the same misbehaviour  will upset any operator and I'm pretty common VK station... Can you imagine if you behave like this with really rare DX...  Ouch.

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