Tuesday, December 4, 2012

DDS oscillator

Inspired by Horst VK2HL and Peter VK2TPM... (Peter is building a little transciever). I decided to "build something".  Horst and I ordered the kit at the same time from Doug N3ZI http://www.pongrance.com/super-dds.html

Yesterday must have been my lucky day for building kits, the oscillator started on a first try.  I guess the very good manual helped... thanks Doug.

Looks like very useful piece of gear.  Originally designed to replace the oscilator in older rigs, but one can think of many use in the shack.

Tunes from next to zero to 30 MHz, nine memories and VFO A and B, variable IF offset and many yet to explore features.

I may be keen to publish some more about this kit later.


  1. Looks like you did a great job on construction there!



    1. he he he ... thanks... Inspired by your prowess...

      Now I "hafta" figure out what to do with it.. I'd love to make a simple CW TX... but don't know how to generate/switch the CW.



The results of the Commonwealth contest were published.

  As I member of the team Australia 2, I was quite pleased with the result.